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Markets in Mongkok

People come from all over to shop in Mongkok, whether it be in small shops or big malls, but it is the markets that are the most special and Mongkok is well known not just in Hong Kong but all over the world for its markets.

The most famous is of course the Ladies Market on Tong Choi Street, which has become not just a place to shop but also an attraction for tourists in its own right.  With two rows of stalls lining the street, and interesting shops and cafes in the buildings as well, this market actually caters to all visitors, but with its preponderance of clothing both casual and formal and accessories such as handbags, belts, hats and so on it is a great favourite of shoppers. The market operates from mid day until late in the evening, and the road is closed to cars while the market operates.

Close by on Fa Yuen Street is Sneaker Street or Sport shoe Street which caters to both the practical sports person and the fashion conscious young people who seek out the best and latest in sports wear. With shops packed with the products of Nike, Adidas and many smaller brands you can find not only great deals here but also curious and special models, in a range of sizes.

Towards the north of Mongkok and right next to one another are the Flower Market and the Bird Market, located next to Mongkok Stadium on Flower Market Road. Catering for both wholesale and retail trade the Flower Market street while short is packed with nothing except traders in cut flowers, garden plants, and accessories. Find whole shops dedicated to Orchids or other exotic flowers. While along at the end is the Yueng Po Bird Garden where the dealers in song birds display their wares, both the birds and other things for bird fanciers such as cages, both practical and ornamental.

Hobby Street, located just between Dundas Street and Yim Po Fong, is the go-to place in Hong Kong for those interesting in building all types of model cars, air planes and the like. Whether interested in perfect scale models, fantastic sci-fi creations, or remote controlled mechanical marvels you'll find the best range both of kits, pre-built models and components for the serious RC modellers here.

Other specialist shopping streets or areas include Tile Street, a section of Portland Street, with amazing selections of building materials on display at street level, though sadly probably too heavy to be carried home as luggage, and Goldfish Street which is north of Bute Street and sells tropical fish, tanks and fish food with a wide range of aquatic plants.

Food and Dining

Hong Kong people love their food and there are a massive range of choices of dining and snacking available in Mongkok. As one of the main shopping destinations in Hong Kong it is where people go to spend an afternoon or evening shopping and window shopping, and all that makes you hungry so restaurants, bars, street food and all are everywhere.

From the worlds cheapest Michelin starred restaurant, through big name brands, small quirky eateries and lots of lots of street food choices Mongkok has something to satisfy every taste and all budgets, as it is all very reasonably priced, particularly when compared with other parts of Hong Kong.


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