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About Mongkok

Once known mostly as the highest density residential area on Earth the district of Mongkok now has a new life as the most colourful mixed residential and commercial area of the city. When people think of the hustle and bustle and vibrancy of Hong Kong, what they means is Mongkok! From famed tourist attractions such as Ladies Market through to little eateries harking back to the golden age of Hong Kong Cinema together with lesser known attractions such as Bird Market and Sneaker Street there is truly something for everyone in Mongkok!


Although well known to both locals and experienced visitors to Hong Kong there are some who are not familiar with Mongkok and the great experiences, food and shopping available here. So this site is the definitive FastFacts guide to the Mongkok, giving everything you need to know to enjoy your visit to the Mongkok.

For more information please contact us, or just turn up and enjoy the experience!

This is a WL Media FastFacts guide.

Food and Dining

Hong Kong people love their food and there are a massive range of choices of dining and snacking available in Mongkok. As one of the main shopping destinations in Hong Kong it is where people go to spend an afternoon or evening shopping and window shopping, and all that makes you hungry so restaurants, bars, street food and all are everywhere.

From the worlds cheapest Michelin starred restaurant, through big name brands, small quirky eateries and lots of lots of street food choices Mongkok has something to satisfy every taste and all budgets, as it is all very reasonably priced, particularly when compared with other parts of Hong Kong.


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