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How to get to Mongkok

Centrally located in the heart of Kowloon and with many forms of transport going through the district it is never hard to reach Mongkok. Here are some of the key ways:

Hong Kong Airport To Mongkok

There are several great options for going to Mongkok from the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. Firstly check if your hotel might have a shuttle bus, many do. Otherwise your choices are Taxi, Airport Express train or Express Bus.

Taxi from Airport

If you are a group then a taxi from the airport to your Mongkok hotel works out cheaper than rail tickets, even with their return discount tickets. The taxis in Hong Kong are fast, comfortable and very reliable.  Get one from the taxi counter in the airport and they hand you a slip with the taxi details so if there should be any problems, e.g. with a lost bag or complaints, you can eaisly contact the authorities. That said, the taxis in Hong Kong are some of the safest in Asia and of course offer a door to door service that no other option can compete with. They are expensive you are travelling alone however in which case you may consider the train.  Depending upon traffic the trip will take about 45 minutes and cost around HK$250 with added charge for luggage.

Airportexpress Train from Airport

The best deal for individuals the Airport Express train is run by the MTR and shares some of its rails, but has a fleet of modern high speed trains that will take just 20 minutes you to sweep you from the airport arrivals hall, where the train starts, through to Kowloon Station, the closest to Mongkok.

From the Kowloon station it would just be 10 minutes in a taxi to any hotel in Mongkok.

The AirportExpress is worthwhile for any visitor to Hong Kong just to enjoy this high speed train service.

Visitors to Hong Kong are entitled to purchase a Airpot Express Travel Pass which not only gives you a return trip on the AirportExpress train but also unlimited travel on the MTR for 3 day. That's a great deal as the majority of places you want to go can be reached via the MTR.  The return pass costs HK$300.

CityFlyer Airport Express Bus

A compromise between speed and price these busses are actually very comfortable, more like coaches, and after leaving the airport stop off at many major hotels.

From the airport it is the A21 bus that is most convenient as it goes along Nathan Road and stops 4 times within Mongkok.  At HK$33 per person

Mongkok To Sai Kung Minibus

Sai Kung Fishing village is a quiet part of eastern Kowloon that is much visited by both local expatriates and tourists to enjoy the quiet and the food. However it is hard to reach as, unusually for Hong Kong, there are few public transport options. The most economical is the Red Minibus which departs Mongkok.

Starting on Dundas Street in Mongkok this small 16 seater public bus waits until it is full before departing, so the exact schedule is variable and depends on how busy it is. During peak times the wait will not be more than 15 minutes, but at other times you can wait for 30 minutes or more.  The trip itself takes 30 minutes and is very high speed and not suitable for those who suffer motion sickness.

Mongkok To Macau

Macau is a great day or overnight trip to see another way that an ex-European colony can return to China, in this case a Portuguese Colony instead of a British one. While underdeveloped compare to Hong Kong you will find that Macau has it's own unique charm with elements of Portuguese architecture mixed with Chinese and modern resort hotels.

Unlike Hong Kong in Macau you will also find Casinos, and the egg tarts are caramelized! Yes that's one of the main features of Macau, eating the specialized foods. And although you can get some things like pressed BBQ pork and Almond powder biscuits at shops in Hong kong the best are of course in Macau.

Ferries to Macau leave from the China Hong Kong City complex which is just barely walkable Monkok but not practical with luggage. By taxi will be less than 10 minutes and is probably the best option. 

Several ferry companies operate from this pier with routes going to different parts of China, but only the Cotai Jet companies operate services to Macau. Ferries leave at 9am, 11am, noon and 1:30pm while a return ferry operates at 5:30pm.  The regular ticket price is $160 with supplements for weekend and night sailings.

Check their website for up to date details and read the guide to day trips to macau from HK.

Mongkok To Disneyland

There are varies way s to get to Hong Kong Disneyland from Mongkok but by far the best is by using the MTR. Not only is it so easy and economical to catch the MTR in Mongkok but it means approaching Disneyland via the Disneyland MTR line with it's themed trains and Disney style station .

Enter the Mong Kok MTR station and take the Tsuen Wan line south towards Central.  Leave the train at Central and take the escalator up to the main level but do not go through the ticket gate, stay inside the station and follow the signs towards the Hong Kong Station and the Tung Chong line.

Board a train on the Tung Chung line and go as far as Sunny Bay station where there is a change to the Disneyland line.  For more about Disneyland HK read the guide.

Mongkok To Ocean Park

Take the MTR as far as Admiralty then change to the Citybus 629 direct to the park.

Unfortunately the Ocean Park is not well served by public transport and the only practical way to get there is via the Citybus 629, this departs from outside Admiralty MTR station.  As that is also on the same line as Mong Kok MTR station this makes the best route to take the MTR then the bus.

Mongkok To Lantau Island

Take the MTR from Mong Kok MTR station to Lai King then change to  the Tung Chung line and ride it to the terminus. Once there you can select where on Lantau you wish to go.  A bus to Mui Wo is a great option or alternatively take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car to the top of the mountain to visit the Big Buddha

Mongkok To The Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the great viewing spots in Hong Kong and is easily reached from Mongkok.  First take the MTR from Mong Kok Station to Admiralty Station, then take a taxi from there to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

The Peak Tram is itself one of the great historic sights of the city and the best way to go up to the top of the peak.  After you have enjoyed the views and perhaps had a meal or taken a walk in the many wooded paths and through the green parks then consider either taking bus 15 down to Central and from there the MTR back to Mong Kok or alternatively reverse your route with another trip on the Peak Tram.

Food and Dining

Hong Kong people love their food and there are a massive range of choices of dining and snacking available in Mongkok. As one of the main shopping destinations in Hong Kong it is where people go to spend an afternoon or evening shopping and window shopping, and all that makes you hungry so restaurants, bars, street food and all are everywhere.

From the worlds cheapest Michelin starred restaurant, through big name brands, small quirky eateries and lots of lots of street food choices Mongkok has something to satisfy every taste and all budgets, as it is all very reasonably priced, particularly when compared with other parts of Hong Kong.


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