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Maps of Mongkok

Mongkok is no longer the isolated fishing village of the 1900s and is continuous with other districts of the city including Yau Ma Tei and Sham Shui Po.

Forming a roughly right angle triangle with one side on the West Kowloon Corridor and the other on Prince Edward road while the westerly diagonal is on Waterloo Road.

However in practice many areas outside this strict definition are also considered Mongkok. for example even the Mongkok Police Station and the Mongkok Football stadium fall outside this area but are naturally considered parts of Mongkok by locals.


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Food and Dining

Hong Kong people love their food and there are a massive range of choices of dining and snacking available in Mongkok. As one of the main shopping destinations in Hong Kong it is where people go to spend an afternoon or evening shopping and window shopping, and all that makes you hungry so restaurants, bars, street food and all are everywhere.

From the worlds cheapest Michelin starred restaurant, through big name brands, small quirky eateries and lots of lots of street food choices Mongkok has something to satisfy every taste and all budgets, as it is all very reasonably priced, particularly when compared with other parts of Hong Kong.


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